Monday, 16 September 2013

On the polar parade

A giant mechanical polar bear - part of the Greenpeace #savethearctic campaign, as was the #iceclimb.

Arctic uproar

Aurora londonensis,
bigger than a double-decker,
solid-state roar
rumbles tarmac underpaw,
driven by siege puppeteers
hauling like fjordsmen
overland to Byzantium,
she fears no melting floe
nor seal-blubber famine –
ice to the core,
her will is steel.
First Nations sing of lands lost
to oil-thirst,
crude greed,
pipelines drawn in the snow
to spill black bile,
bringing melancholy to the North,
fragmenting the white
for nothing more than
fatter spreadsheet totals
and dividends-in-suits.

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