Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Tell me a story, frackanory

At the weekend I was invited to perform at a wonderful all-day benefit gig for the Frack Free Solent campaign group. This happened about the same time that residents around Fernhurst in Sussex had effectively surrounded a fracking project with 'No Fracking' pledges despite creepy C*meron's attempts to lie, bribe, lie, cajole and lie about the pros (there aren't any) and cons. So, a good example of NGO and grassroots campaign groups working well together - and an excuse for me to write a poem especially for the event. Enjoy!


Oil-and-gas executives,
mosquitos in dengue-fever pinstriped suits
seek to pierce the earth,
to suck out its lifeblood
through a mechanical proboscis –
like malaria
they cause tremors
and make bad air,
pissing their toxins into the water
to create
an ungreen,
unpleasant land.

Hiding behind their
first-past-the-post parapets
and waving frackers’ flags,
politicians are Neros,
fiddling while our home burns,
spouting their free-market rhetoric
of selfishness and greed,
spilling lies about fuel bills,
land rights,
climate change –
dinosaur minds
and tunnel-vision eyes
that can’t see
beyond the next
share-dividend report,
fossil fools whose fingers-in-the-ears
means they can’t hear
the approaching roar
of the people –
we are their doomsday meteor,
and it’s time the Cuadrillasaurus went extinct.

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