Friday, 14 June 2013

Of corsair I will

The pirate d’amour

I am the pirate of your heart,
I'll privateer you, buccaneer you,
Haul myself over hot keels,
Walk the plank if I have to,
Dive into your ocean
With a double-twisting, double back-somersault,
Entering with just the right amount of splash,
Difficulty 3.4, execution 10s across the board
(Enjoy the applause);
I will capture for you
Spanish galleons laden with doubloons,
Tricornucopias of riches laid out in treasure-rooms,
Taken while swinging from a yard-arm rope,
Cutlass clamped between chipped teeth,
Though, like any other man,
I am no island,
And would not wish to be marooned,
Even if
I sometimes need
To wander from the archipelago.

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