Friday, 21 June 2013

Watching the watchers

Mocking the snoops of the NSA etc...

Political Spectrum

Apparently you’ve been snooping with your Prism,
Rifling through everybody’s dirty electronic laundry,
Trying to shed light on the reds through greens to violets,
Cyber-paparazzi dredging shredding out of desktop trashcans,
Manhandling rantbook status updates,
Getting overexcited when someone Googles
‘Taliban’ or ‘Jäger-bombs’ –
Does a little warning LED
Flash on a wired black box in Langley or the Pentagon
Every time Monsanto’s labelled ‘evil’
Or YouTube gets another anti-warfare song?

Do you get a tingle
In your standard-issue underpants,
Stealthy teflon spY-fronts,
Watching all the Twitter-chitter-chat,
And amusingly recaptioned cats? –
‘LOLspooks’ –
If it’s me that you’ve been stalking,
You’ll know my taste in music’s loud,
That I’m inordinately fond of bugs,
Rather keen on all things green,
But to bigots, creatively rude,
And so on – no dots to join or evil plots;
My dissent is free for all to see,
So if you want to know,
Up in your silicon-chipped towers,
Just phone me,
(Normal office hours).

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