Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Beyond the Winter Olympics

I guess you'll have seen news about Russia's recent homophobic law-making. Here's my response.

Rainbows over the Volga

See Putin,
topless and bareback
on a riverbank stallion,
or fording a river, AK-47 too-lovingly carressed,
a shoo-in as
May and June in the latest
calendar of post-Soviet homoerotica,
big men,
small trunks,
breaking ice,
nude wrestling in the snow
before retreating to bath-houses,
I mean, really,
all-male bath-houses.
And will there be
polonium-tipped eyebrow pencils
for those who look too closely
at bulging Bolshoi tights?
At Nureyev,
and Ivan the Terrible
or so I’m told?
What of Stalin’s ‘tache?
(just add a leather biker-cap)
as generals stand erect
to watch with pride
the phallic missiles on parade,
how fabulous,
everyone loves a parade,
and the Hermitage,
a homage
to the history of interior design,
boys-only camping in the woods,
by means of bears and beards and forestry
while the ladies admire
each others’ lovely sable muffs,
silky borzois and salukis –
it’s all just so

Created in Putin Gay Dress-up - fabulous!

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