Thursday, 29 August 2013

The very big and the very small

Scale, perspective and stretching a metaphor until it begs for mercy...

The (ir)relevance of walking the Planck

Yeah, maybe I am just a speck
and so are you,
among billions of others, similar,
pop, pop, pop – that’s three more just now –
outnumbered by even tinier,
yet more indistinguishable, ones,
a mitotic swarm
living on what’s probably
also just one
of innumerable
spheroidal spinning grains,
orbiting in the infinite-yet-bounded
universal vastness;
who knows how many
in this single wispy arm alone,
galactically sweeping ‘round
its great event-horizoned core,
the whole spiral
(let’s jump up a magnitude or four)
a distant twinkle
when viewed, so remotely, from any far corner
of our local cluster,
and so on up to Lady Virgo’s
great space-time-raminating super-cluster,
out to the far, far and afar
edge of our own little light-cone –
beyond that?
well, heaven
(and maybe Hawking or Penrose)
knows, but –
don’t start with that ‘Many Worlds’ interpretation;
it won’t wash –
there still ain’t another particle,
however quantum-mechanically small and entangled,
Pauli-exclusioned, superstrung-out,
or Heisenberg-uncertain
in the vacuum-energetic foam,
that’s quite like me
or, by extension,
with our so-symmetric
strangeness and charm,
quite like you.

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