Thursday, 28 March 2013

Crossing the gallery threshold

Though the Ellipsiad is about my versifying, I also do a bit of jewellery/metal-bashing and have just got my first piece into a gallery. And so...

Across the Threshold

I step into a gallery
The first time bearing something I’ve made,
To be scrutinised,
And maybe, just maybe, you never know, adored,
It is in fine company,
Trash-can samurai, milk-bottle polar bear,
Knitted doughnuts pastel-sweet,
Jolly drum-fish, log of blue,
Matchstick galleon, table too,
Shower-head pouring electrickle wires,
Quilted embroidery green-man inspired,
Shelves with new novels, collections of verse,
Open-access artists’ shrine,
Walls hung with treasures,
Painted and printed,
Pixelated and sewn,
I leave an offering,
Made of steel, brass and time.

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