Tuesday, 12 March 2013

On the transport of a polar bear

Just one of the odd little events that happen if you carry large, unusual items on public transport...

On the transport of a polar bear

I have a big ol’ laundry bag,
One of those in plastic weave,
Long-handled so it drags upon the ground,
The zip is broken (it was cheap),
And so some tufts of fake white fur,
Poke out while on the local bus,
And catch a small child’s glancing eye –
“You’ve got a doggy!”
She exclaims,
(Her mother and big brothers smile)
“There’s a doggy in the bag”,
“It’s not a dog”, I say, I swear,
“It’s a great big polar bear”,
Now, all the many toddler stares,
Are directed straight to where,
By that man just over there,
They see a possibility of ‘bear’.

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