Friday, 15 March 2013

The Great American Word-trip

An attempt at simply putting words in order, and hoping it's evocative through the magic of rhyming couplets...

The Great American Word-trip

Shiloh, Sebadoh,
Appalachian rivers flow,
Mount McKinley, Muskogee,
Snowfields, icefalls, Denali,
Kauai, Lanai, hummingbirds,
Monarchs migrate forestwards,
Arches Park, El Capitan,
Louisiana pelicans.

Prairie, grama, bluegrass, plain,
Crossed by silver Amtrak trains,
Keys and causeways, Everglades,
Burning Man as sunlight fades,
Tex-Mex grills and rancheros,
Downtown, uptown, Broadway shows,
Smithsonian and MIT,
Yellowstone, Yosemite.

Monterey Bay delving deep,
Wolf-packs roam while brown bears sleep,
Anasazi dwelling-caves,
Surfing Californian waves,
Serpent Mound, Route whatever,
Native dance with eagle-feathers,
Levee-breaking, out to sea…

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