Sunday, 14 April 2013

NaPoWriMo day 14

NaPoWriMo day 14. A 'persona-poem'; the prompt gave the example of using the voice of my inner superhero, but I decided to tweak this a little and go for one of the personae I tend to employ when fancy-dress is in the offing…

Fancy Me

Nosferatu in an old priest-coat,
The Jesuit once clad within,
Long-since interred, consumed by worms,
His ex-vestment dust-tinged and capoc-aged,
Haggled for in vintage-land,
Among the garish polyester shirts,
And trappings of a kitscher form of Halloween,
Now resewn, rebuttoned, TLC’d
Bought with boots for piracy,
And monocled chicanery,
Worn tight-torsoed, billowing below,
And to surmount, a black stovepipe,
Or red top hat (that one’s real millinery you see),
While watch-parts tick on brassily,
Porthole to horology,
Marking moments past this style’s true time,
While the polished dark-wood cane,
(Suggesting I’m bartitsu-trained)
Porcelain-capped, steel-tipped,
And cog-studded,
Tip-taps its gentlemanly way.

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