Friday, 5 April 2013

NaPoWriMo Day 4

My offering for NaPoWriMo day 4 - Iain (M) Banks is my favourite author and a couple of days ago he sadly announced that he's only got a few months to live. So, with many a ship-name embedded (as per the prompt), here I go...

I am an empiricist and this is my headcrash

One renegade cell is bad for business,
An undesirable alien not wanted on voyage,
It grows omnivorous, Homo-limivorous
A fragment of no fixed abode,
Unacceptable behaviour needing sober counsel,
Identifying the precise nature of the catastrophe,
A definite attitude-adjuster,
Intractable, unavoidable – like death and gravity,
Is fate amenable to change?
Is She just an unreliable witness?
Or an unwitting accomplice,
Offering wisdom like silence,
Her scrutiny edged with a steely glint,
Piercing the sacrificial victim (an arbitrary choice),
While deep inside, contents may differ,
Outwardly trying to appear quietly confident,
Maintaining a fine disregard for awkward facts,
Stay busy – writing beats working,
A displacement activity keeps the host feeling warm, considering,
Holding back the rush of oceanic dissonance,
No more jaundiced outlook,
Step away from the heavy messing,
(What’s this? I didn’t book the sleeper service)
Take the long view and appeal to reason –
The chemo and the tumour have a frank exchange of views,
But in the end there’s no break-even,
No full refund,
And the only grey area is the one shown on the scan;
It’s killing time,
Arranging affairs with tactical grace,
Though melancholia enshrines all triumph,
Call it what you will – Big C, some-noma, some-plasia,
By any other caconym,
Cancer’s just a meatfucker,
And it will all end in tears.

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